Olyphant & Talbot Fuels Ltd

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Biodiesel Producers in Wednesbury. At Olyphant and Talbot we refine 40,000 litres of Used Cooking Oil each week using a six-step filtration process. This allows us to put the best Biodiesel on the market. We pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and professional.

Our fuels is considerably cheaper than mineral diesel and performs in exactly the same way. There is no need to convert or modify your engine. It is actually cleaner, more environmentally friendly and reduces engine wear.

Our fuel is chemically sound. We regularly test for soaps and impurities using independent testing centres. By using a unique filtration process we are able to produce top quality fuel. As such, we avoid the filter clogging issues associated with unfiltered bio-fuels.

We are also a licensed waste cooking oil collector. If you would like to learn more about our oil collection service please get in touch.


Unit 12
Perry Street
WS10 0AZ


Tel 0121 505 4977


Company number: 7832122